Wednesday, June 04, 2003

From Diaries of a Steppenwolf

From Diaries of a Steppenwolf (Monday, June 02, 2003) who lives in Tehran:
"...Last year when I was in Switzerland, the weather was terribly hot. They said it was once in 30 years! From the hotel where I was residing to the office it was 10 minutes by walk everyday. One day, while going to the office in the morning, I noticed a crowd of 3, 4 people in front of me on the sidewalk looking at something on the ground and discussing. Then someone made a phone call and explained the situation. In less than 2 minutes, municipality car arrives with a siren (no sound, just the light), two people came out and cleaned the dog shit from the pavement.
It's not a joke! But if I had not seen it with my own two eyes, I wouldn't believe it.
Yesterday, I had a one day trip by car, 475 km to go and 475km to come back just to visit a client for 3 hours. Kind of boring. I'm not going to explain the roads condition and traffic security in Iran. Just want to mention that there had been an accident on my way, apparently hours ago, and there were two bodies on the ground, lying down for hours.
I'm not going to conclude a moral for this one. I'm too upset about it..."

- I am not going to comment on what Steppenwolf says. It is just sad.