Wednesday, June 25, 2003


About a month ago a friend of mine sent me an e-mail from Tehran and asked me to publish it somewhere. Reading it reminded me of the way I used to live in Iran and all the sufferings that was a part of it. The e-mail brought me back a vivid image of the life there: the love for art, the backward religious government, and the hopelessness that rules the heart of every young Iranian.

His political views on many issues are not similar to mine but I don't think it matters at all. To me it does not matter if people suffer under Pinochet or Castro, Taliban or US puppet government of Karzai, they need to be heard.

The e-mail was published in Click here to go to Guardian and read a translation of the story. There are certain parts of the letter that need to be clarified for non-Iranian reader; like when he talks about "innocent Palestinians" or when he expresses his feelings about pro-peace Europeans. But these are the boundaries of "language" for explaining the social context of the piece. That letter needs a huge footnote to convey all the meanings of the words it has used.