Saturday, June 14, 2003

405 Freeway


Last night, looking at Los Angeles from Getty Museum on the top of the mountain, every thing was mesmerizing. "405 freeway" was passing through the city like a couple of artery and vein. Back red lights of the cars were moving towards the south and the front lights were coming toward me, making them look like a current of blood circulating in a body.
I was looking at the city, thinking if I would have felt more tranquility by looking at nature. I looked at the ocean behind the city and felt the city is like a formicary. One can look at it as a part of the nature. Still, there is a human dimension in the city that differentiates it from the rest of the nature. There is a certain kind of energy there, in the city, that makes it different from all other animal "nests."
Watching the city, for me, is like watching the sea. I can stare at its waves for hours. I can listen to the waves crushing on the shore for hours. There is a mystery that takes me to the sea, makes that gaze in my eyes; and still stays unsolved after watching it.
Last night on the top of the mountain I was thinking about the waves, and I had the same gaze and the same mysterious feeling about Los Angeles, and about 405.

Photo courtesy of Chris Gregerson, Phototour of Minneapolis