Thursday, September 23, 2004

Hakha in English


The Eyeranian has translated a piece of Hakha's daily show into English. It gives you an idea what I was talking about when in one of previous posts I wrote about the surrealism of my country's politics.

Here I re-write my comment to The Eyeranian's post:
It is true that just a small number of people have believed what he says, but the fact that he EXISTS as a political figure says something about the Iranian culture. You don't see such a phenomenon in Chile, Burma, Vietnam, or Ivory Coast. The only place in the world that such a caricature of a 'savior' can appear in the political scene is our great country, Iran. After all 'we' are the ones who invented the concept of "savior" for the world. (what a shame,... the world could be a better place without it.)
* For seeing Hakha's TV show on September 17, click here.


  1. Dear "Eyeranian" - It's indeed a good thing to be a little self-critical at times. But to belittle ones own nation and country, is not a good thing. You talk about Iranians as if we were some strange creatures that you just simply love to ridicule. IF you indeed are Iranian yourself, which I do not know for a fact, then you are spitting yourself in the face by doing what you're doing so well here. And spitting oneself in the face is a rather foolish thing to do! After all, who benefits from you spitting Iranians or "eyerainians" in the face, if not those very people who call us "eyerainans" with a big dose of ignorance and/or arrogance? When so little is known about the great culture and civilization of Iran and its people, don't you think it would have been a better idea to educate the people of the world about this largely unknown and misunderstood civilization? Instead you have chosen to ridicule our people and our civilization in the eyes of the entire world, as if urging them to disrespect us even more. I seriously question whether you really are Iranian - but then again, I have seen plenty of Iranians whose highest desire in this life was the destruction and humiliation of Iran - Some of them are now holding high posts within the regime ruling Iran today.

  2. If being Iranian means being silent about the disgusting aspects of my own culture I prefer not to be an Iranian. Please cross out my name from your list. Consider me a Croatian, or Algerian, or Vietnamese citizen, but let me be free to express my ideas about the stupidity that is going on in the region I know the best.

  3. Wow.

    Well, to be sure there are some similarly strange figures in america. Likely they have more followers just because the US is a very large place.

    I agree with you, and I also think in the world today we all need to forget a little bit about nationalism and not worry too much about a strong front between cultures and worry more about many of our real problems or we are all destined to clash in an unfortunate way.