Monday, September 06, 2004

Bomb the Living Daylights


A message from the Minister of Propaganda, Herr O' Reilly, at FoxNews. I took it from a blog I read regularly. Read the complete text here.
I don't have any respect by and large for the Iraqi people at all. I have no respect for them. I think that they're a prehistoric group that is -- yeah, there's excuses. Sure, they're terrorized, they've never known freedom, all of that. There's excuses. I understand. But I don't have to respect them, because you know, when you have Americans dying trying to, you know, institute some kind of democracy there, and two percent of the people appreciate it, you know, it's time to -- time to wise up. The big lesson is that we cannot intervene using ground troops in the Muslim world ever again. What we can do, is bomb the living daylights out of them, just like we did in the Balkans. Bomb the living daylights out of them. But no more ground troops, no more hearts and minds ... ain't going to work. They're just people who are primitive.
-- William 'Bill' O' Reilly, 8/7/2004, Tim Russert (CNBC)


  1. I will be watching the news tomorrow for coverage of his statements. If there isn't any, I will send my friends this quote and write to any newspapers I can find. This is entirely inexcusable language about other human beings.

    Notice, however, that this makes sense when the goal is to "free" another culture from its own self. If there is resistance, it cannot be chalked up to us making a mistake in condescending to "free" someone else--no, it is because they are primitive and don't understand the higher laws which guide us...


  2. I couldn't find the transcript in MSNBC website. I wish I had a link to their own website.

  3. FUCK ME but this guy is dense!

    How's about I head over to his home and impose *my* idea of 'liberty' on him, and, when he's ungrateful for my efforts, I cap him with a baseball bat?

    What more can one say ...?


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