It is September 11,
Let's remember all those who died during the American coup in September 11, 1973, in Chile, and all those who died during the 1953 American coup in Iran against the democratically ellected government of Mossadeq, and all those who died in 1954 during the American/Chiquita coup in Guatemala, and all those who were tortured in Indonesia, and thousands of people who were killed after the American coup in 1965 there, and all those who were tortured and executed after the pro-American military coup in Pakistan in 1977 that changed the country into the first Islamic Republic in the Middle East,
... and also all those who died in September 11, 2001, in World Trade Center, New York city. All those innocent people who paid (and are still paying) for the hate that is created during all these years.
Let's remember them all.
There is no way to the peace, the peace is the way.
--Mahatma Gandhi
Ted Rall's cartoon here.


  1. Yes, peace is the way. Unfortunately so seldom opted for in this complex, chaotic world. Short-sighted, arrogant politics, demonization of others instead of efforts to build true understanding between peoples - what a waste of precious lives!

    'Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.'(M.T.)


  2. The murderous attack carried out on the World Trade Center by Muslim extremists on Sept. 11, 2001 was not "pay back" for the American Coup in Chile etc. It was the result of a the actions of wealthy and bourjois Islamic dilletantes who found terrorism, an act of innate cowardice, to be the answer to their unbridled sense of entitlement that the whole world should belong to them and their culture. I came to your sight to read the Peter Handke piece, a poem that is an ode to lost childhood. It's an interesting connection. An angsty, over-wrought obsession with the faded,idylilic world of childhood, never again to be realized in the adult world. It is a fixation very apt for a terrorist.


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