"Plastic Surgery for the Other" in Persian


Jean Baudrillard's Plastic Surgery for the Other is translated into Persian. For a country with the highest rate of nose job in the world that is something that should have been done years ago!
Is there any other place in the world whose people are as uncomfortable with their bodies as Iranians?

NPR's report on Nose Job in Iran


  1. You should check out the statistics on plastic surgery in korea, where eyelid surgery and calve-reduction surgery (to make the legs look slimmer) are among the most popular and common surgical procedures. and in fact, i think that in the USA people are extremely uncomfortable with their bodies and obsessive about enhancing, monitering, or disguising every little blemish, odor, shape, etc. on the human body. so while i think the high rate of surgery in iran or say south korea is noteworthy, it it is no more so than in places like the U.S. So i think these things should be considered in conjunction with one another lest we further "other" the third-world as always striving for but never quite reaching ideals of beauty, progress, etc.


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