Saturday, June 05, 2004

On Similarities between Buildings and Humans

After reading the comment to my previous post I think I have exaggerated about Iranians. Looking 'perfect' is an international obsession. But I think this perfectness is defined by European features. That's why so many people from other races are so much concerned about their look. All these plastic surgeries is about looking like Europeans. Koreans and Iranians can change their outfit and cars, but what can they do to their eyes and noses?
Plastic surgery is invented by modernity. As every thing else the modern thought defines the absolute perfect model for the human beauty. What we are doing to ourselves through plastic surgery is what we have done to our cities. All those modern tall, slim buildings in Chicago, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Brasilia look like each other because they all follow the same rules. They all are clean and functional. Their perfect straight lines and calculated number of people going in and out are based on a scientific diet that makes us completely sure of their health. What is absent here in the buildings' facades (and our human faces) is an identity. We all are becoming so beautiful that no one can recognize us anymore.

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