Monday, September 12, 2005

Fight Club, September 11, and Project Mayhem

We have front row seats for this theater of mass destruction. The demolition committee of Project Mayhem wrapped the foundation columns of a dozen buildings with blasting gelatin. In two minutes, primary charges will blow base charges and a few square blocks will be reduced to smoldering rubble.

The last part of the movie Fight Club, made in 1999, shows several high-rises exploding and collapsing. Tyler Durden, the man behind this terrorist act and the leader of the Al-qaeda-like organization named Fight Club, describes his dream as follows:
In the world I see - you are stalking elk through the damp canyon forests around the ruins of Rockefeller Center. You'll wear leather clothes that will last you the rest of your life. You'll climb the wrist-thick kudzu vines that wrap the Sears Tower. And when you look down, you'll see tiny figures pounding corn, laying strips of venison on the empty car pool lane of some abandoned superhighway.

Tyler Durden's ideal world reminds me of Mullah Muhammad Omar and his Emirate in Afghanistan. I can even imagine Omar writing the script. In the image I have from him in mind Omar seems to be a cool guy. He even calls the exploded area "Ground Zero" two years before it becomes fashionable:
[Tyler points a gun into the Narrator's mouth]
Narrator: [voiceover] People are always asking me if I know Tyler Durden.
Tyler Durden: Three minutes. This is it - ground zero. Would you like to say a few words to mark the occasion?
Narrator: ...i... ann... iinn... ff... nnyin...
Narrator: [voiceover] With a gun barrel between your teeth, you speak only in vowels.
[Tyler removes the gun from the Narrator's mouth]
Narrator: I can't think of anything.
Narrator: [voiceover] For a second I totally forgot about Tyler's whole controlled demolition thing and I wonder how clean that gun is.

That's exactly what I am thinking about as well. The gun is too clean. Either Bin Laden writes scripts for Hollywood, or Hollywood works for Al-Qaeda. Either way, this gun is too clean for a bunch of villagers in Afghanistan.


  1. Ground Zero became 'fashionable' after 9/11?

    Also, Tyler Durden wasn't a terrorist, they weren't trying to promote terror, they were very specifically trying to eliminate credit card debt, and very specifically without killing people. The only person who died in Fight Club, was Robert Paulson.

  2. This anonymous guy is right. Also for that matter if its any consoation once he realized what was going on he tried to stop it. He didn't want to kill anyone. Isnt that a terrorist's goal? To kill people in order to instill fear into the hearts of future would be targets so they'll bend to their will and do what they want?

  3. No, terrorism is an attempt to achieve political goals through violence. Whether people are killed is irrelevant.

  4. to me this looks like the freemason nwo organisation has leaks that get blown into movies...


  5. i totaly agree your point of view! i just finish to watch the movie again (and again).i do believe that "the people" that are responsible for what happend the 9/11 where deeply inspired by the same movement that want to hit the economy to paralyse a country.the same way that chunk palahniuk was to write the book that became a movie. this is not an invention, everything was already in the air since long time ago...
    the final goal of tyler durden and "the people that are responsible for 9/11 are different of course but it is about terrorism inboth cases. "The people" that are responsible for 9/11 wanted to bring americaners fear of death and worst than death :fear of fall of the economy that carry the USA. they actually succeeded!didn't they?

  6. I have watched Fight Club and it's one of my favorite movies, but I have not paid attention to this, I will find the film again and then watch it again with a different viewpoint now, it will be interesting thank you!

  7. 33

  8. China Syndrome - Three Mile Island
    Fight Club - 9/11
    The Siege - 9/11
    Lone Gunmen first episode which i haven't seen is about the closest to hit in 9/11 attack.

    Matrix is an allusion about how majority of people is living blindfolded.

    It's not like some parties would like to reveal the truth or profit using the knowledge about planned future events. I believe it is more about psychological programming. People are prepared for upcoming events that they would not be too suspicious. "It was already on TV two weeks ago".

    If you want to influence, you must use all sources available to project the ideas to the masses.

  9. Yea I Know the only one who died was Robert Paulson but look at what happened after he died everyone kept spreading his name is Robert Paulson no one forgot. Now look at it this way A to Z is 1 to 26 flip it and make it Z to A 26 to 1 R/P becomes 9/11 it really does. And he died in the Trade Center square

  10. Typed my last post with a type o. Needs to say Z to A is 1 to 26 just typed to fast didn't catch it in time. But here is what I Mean
    Robert Paulson = 9/11