Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"Extraterrestrial Route" in Puerto Rico

Reynaldo Rios, an elementary school teacher who says he's been communicating with alien visitors to this U.S. territory since he was a child, holds a pyramid while pictured standing in front of a sign reading, 'Extraterrestrial Route,' in Lajas, southwestern Puerto Rico, Sunday, Aug. 28, 2005. Rios wants to build an alien landing strip, equipped with pyramids as control towers, on a nearby hilltop, in an area where many locals believe they have seen UFOs in the past. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

I miss my cousin. He could become very famous here in the US.
Source: Associated Press. Link here.


  1. Seems like one of these famous hollywood movies... probably another visit from american spy planes seeming like UFOs. Although these tales have become so frequent & unnatural it is still nice to think there might be other creatures who might give us a visit someday...


  2. That post about your cousin is one of the saddest and best pieces on your blog. I'm glad you linked to it so that people can read it again.