Thursday, August 11, 2005

Mullah Mohammad Omar of the United States

See what Mullah Mohammad Omar of the US has to say about evolution.

I immigrated from Iran to get rid of this type of idiots in power. But it seems they take the power one country after another. Where should I escape to? Mars?
- For the best April fool's day article ever click here:
Scientific American apologizes for not being balanced.


  1. Bloody hell! That’s really something. Nice picture. Your work?

  2. No. It's not my work. I don't know who created the picture, but I have seen it in many places on the net since 2002. In that year it even appeared on the cover of a book named "The Clash of Fundamentalisms."

  3. Why Mars? Go to Scandinavia, New Zealand, or Switzerland. US is not the end of the world.

  4. Oh yes, come to Switzerland!

  5. I love to. But immigrating to Switzerland is way too difficult. Switzerland is not a very immigrant-friendly country, is it?

    Besides, learning another language would be very hard. I could think about immigrating to Europe if I was 19, but now... I think it is a little bit late to learn another language, even though Swiss German seems to be simpler than Martian!

  6. You are right regarding CH not being an immigrant-friendly country. What a pity!