Thursday, July 14, 2005

Newsweek's Report on Iranian Everyday life

Dadbeh Bassir

Turn the speakers on, click here and listen to the Newsweek's report on the everyday life in today's Iran.
The Photograph: The Exit Signs, from "My Life; Self portraits" by Dadbeh Bassir. Courtesy of

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  1. Sometimes I think when I go there again ( after only 2 years) I'll encounter a totally new society regarding people's appearance!
    One mistake that most foreigners make is that they think Maghna'eh is Chador. Did you notice he said the girl who was making a phone call from a public Telephone wears a chador? And he said that mostly poor people wear chador. I'm not very sure about this statement if he has taken maghna'eh for the real chador!

    Thanks for sharing it!