Saturday, July 02, 2005

My Silence

I know... this time it took me a long time to blog again. What can I do? I guess I should call it "blogger's block" ... like "writer's block."

What happened in the last few months could be one of the the biggest changes in Iran during the last 8 years but I was completely indifferent. I guess I am used to Iran's constant surprises. In Iran you never know what is going to happen in a few months. Future events are always very different from what everybody thinks.
Iran's culture changes constantly. It changes so quickly that people who try to analyze it can not catch up with its fast pace.
It is like a turbulent ocean. A strong whirlpool might take you down to the bottom of the sea in a matter of seconds, and you might never know which wave took you there, what caused it, and who is responsible for the death.

It is a very dynamic society, too dynamic to be understood.

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