Sunday, January 02, 2005

Parking Gallery

Reza Abedini

If you haven't visited Parking Gallery yet, check it out. It is a web gallery presenting the works of the young Iranian artists.

Poster by Reza Abedini


  1. I've just read a review of this book on alhayat:
    did u have the chance to read it?

  2. Wow... this book seems to be so interesting. Thanks Muhammad. It seems you know me very well. This is a kind of subject I am so interested in it.

  3. I have a book in Persian on the same subject. I checked it right now and I noticed the writer is the same person, but the pictures I see on the net from the English edition are more interesting.
    The English edition has a few articles too, including an article about the relationship between portraiture and democracy... this is a book I have to buy.

  4. rememebr the egyptian fan of yours niki told you about?
    that would be me...

  5. Thanks Mohammed!
    I wish I knew Arabic to be able to read your weblog... I am thinking about taking an Arabic course very soon.