Monday, January 17, 2005

Attack with a Roll of Dice


Yesterday I went to San Diego for my 3-year-old cousin's birthday party. Before getting there I went to a Toys-Я-Us to buy a toy for him. Browsing through the toys there made me astounded with the fact that toys are much more related to our daily life than what I expected. Here is the text—printed on a toy-set box—that was so ironic to me that I wrote it down in my notebook:
The Game of Global Domination

In this classic game of military strategy, lead your armies as they sweep across vast continents to launch daring attacks against your enemies. But keep an eye on your flanks: your opponents are fighting to capture your troops and claim your territories. Reinforce your armies, then attack with a roll of dice. Capture all 42 territories, and you dominate the globe.

Play the classic RISK® game, then play with the rules variations for experts. For a shorter game, play CAPITAL RISK®. Or play European variation called SECRET MISSION RISK®, and complete your specific mission to win.

RISK® ... Leading the world in military strategy games since 1959.
Made in USA with Dice made in China.
* The photo from of It is a toy called John, Baghdad International Airport, 3rd Infantry Division.