Richard Dawkins: An atheist's call to arms


  1. hello.
    My name is Ana and I live in Portugal.
    I discovered your blog, while serching for iranian women photographers in the net.
    I have a huge admiration for Iran and the Iranians.
    Also the book Persepolis.
    keep on.


  2. Hi

    My name is Óskar and I am an Icelandic architecture student in New York. Me and my friend are doing a research project on video footage shot by helecopter.

    I Googled Albert Lamorrisse´s "Lover´s Wind" and I found your posting from June 30, 2004.

    Did you ever manage to see Lover´s Wind, and if so, where? Can you help me obtain it?

    Could you please replay to:

    Thank you, best
    Óskar Arnórsson

  3. I saw "Lover´s Wind" back in Iran. I am not sure if you can find it here.

  4. Will this idiot Dawkins ever stop his whining? Enough about how much you hate someone that you don't even think exists, already. That sounds a little psychotic in & of itself.

  5. 經一事,長一智。經驗是良師 experience is the best teacher. ....................................................

  6. I once heard that "Evolution is a fairy tale for adults." LOL

    --Alex @ Cheap Cocktail Dresses Under $50

  7. Dawkins simply has a grudge. It's not really founded on solid science...he's just upset. Some religious figure must have really ticked him off as a child.

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