The Process of Non-thinking Called "Faith"

I recently discovered the NPR program, Point of Inquiry. The most interesting episode to me was this one, featuring an interview with Richard Dawkins about “the process of non-thinking called faith.”

You can listen to the MP3 file here, or subscribe to Point of Inquiry's podcast in iTunes.

- See also: The God Delusion and The Virus of Faith.


  1. Salam Duste Aziz,
    Dashtam Donbale Matalebi rzjebe [Duane Michals] migashtam ke be webloge shoma residam va motevajjeh shof=dam ke irani hastian o kolli ham saligheye moshtarak dar zimineheye film , music va Book. az Ashnaee a shoma khoshhal shodam. Khoshham misham age be fotobloge man sar bezanin o nazaretoon ro begin.

  2. Nice blog, The Other!

    According to Pascal, “There is a God shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the Creator, made known through Jesus.”


  3. Hi other- I sent you an email tonight but it bounced back (to your email that has .net). anyway, i left you a message on your phone too but i wanted to let you know that something is wrong with your email.

  4. I think faith is important and brings a lot of people hope who otherwise don't have any. People who have a holier than thou attitude about the religion of others make me ill. It's a free country and it's what the US is all about. Live with it.


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