Sunday, January 29, 2006

ZIZEK! The Movie

ZIZEK! (the movie) will be released very soon. I saw the trailer today. "Elvis of cultural theory," he is named. Seems to be a quite a character, doesn't he?
- For watching the trailer click here. For watching a section of the movie click here.
- Read about the director, Astra Taylor, here.
- My other post about Zizek and his opinion about Iranian nuclear program.

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  1. Hello Other,

    Finding the Labyrinth was a happy accident. I am not of the same intellectual quality as yourself and your friends so I hope you won't mind my sticky fingerprints here. I simply want to inquire as to your whereabouts here in the ether. You have not posted in some time and I, for one, have missed your unique voice and perspective.

    I will wait patiently for whatever comes next from you. Hope you are well.