Monday, October 10, 2005

What country should the US invade after Iraq?

What country should USA invade after Iraq?

The American public is very well-informed about their government's foreign policy and the world outside the US borders. Click here to see it for yourself (Windows Media Player Format).


  1. I remember when Khatami was a candidate for the 2nd term of his presidency I encouraged a friend of mine who lives in CA to go and vote for him. She was/is not particularly interested in politics but I convinced her that she should vote. So she went and vote for Khatami. Later I thought why did I tell her to vote and to do it for whom even? Why did she listen to me? It was a big question and I thought we are indeed like barreh. We obey without thinking. We push people to do things that they are not interested in. I said jockingly that we have Jomhooriy-e barreh-haa.

    Now these people are the same. No difference between them and barreh!

  2. At least they know where they are geographically located.

    One more comment:
    And you wonder, who voted for BUSH!!!! The same people!!!!!!!

  3. I finally had a chance to watch this video, and once i got over my disbelief, i felt really embarassed for the people in this clip, even though some of them are quite unlikeable. Maybe someone should start a public service/public art project of pasting world maps all around the US. It may do some good.