Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Eyranian's Wedding


I used to call The Eyranian the "guru" of Iranian blogers. Reading his weblog made me addicted to checking it every hour to see if there is any new post or comment I haven't read.

Today I am going to his wedding. I never thought reading someone's blog can take you to his wedding one day... strange things happen in Blogestan. Any way, The Eyranian's readers are not going to have "From My Dating Files" any more, but what can we do? This is the way the life is. It changes.

I wish Pedrum the best in life, both inside and outside the internet.


  1. i hope you have a wonderful time, and please send my best wishes to pedram and his wife if you read this comment before you leave.

  2. hehe no wonder he hasn't written in so long...

    Isn't the internet amazing? I met one of my best friends, of all places, in a chatroom, oh about 7 years ago. We were a continent apart at that time. Today, we live in vicinity of each other, attended each other's weddings etc etc.