Saturday, March 05, 2005

Gore Vidal and Imperial America


Gore Vidal's interview (RealAudio) with Australian ABC's Lateline host, Tony Jones.

- Transcript here.
- Other links: Uncensored Gore, State of the Union, 2004, Imperial America, Inventing a Nation.
Photo by Murdo Macleod. From Guardian.


  1. salam
    man betore etefaghi shoma ro peida kardam va ba heirat linke binesh ra didam .ama man motasefane english balad nistam ta az neveshtehaye shoma bahre bebaram.
    shdab va kam ranj bashid.

  2. Hi, I found your blog quite accidentally and was so glad to have someone blogging about issues that are mostly debated in the Farsi media (I can read Farsi, but don't understand much), but are not discussed much in English-language sources. I have been filled in on these issues over the years by Iranian friends but I didn't have much reading to go with it.

    And as I was reading your blog my roommate came over (she's Iranian) and said she reads your blog as well. So I guess you are quite well-known among the LA Iranian danishjoo.

  3. Hatman. Khwahesh mikonam.
    Maybe you can put a counter to keep track of traffic to the blog. There are many blogs I read where I don't leave comments unless something's compelling enough. How did you guess what school I got to though? I don't think I mentioned it in my blog :)