Tuesday, July 01, 2003

The Comb

For a few days, I am working with a group of people from the British news channel on a report on some Iranian Monarchists active in Los Angeles, who are types of Cuban Exile activists. Seeing them being interviewed was disgusting and terrible. But worse than that was seeing the American right-wing politicians who support them. I met the worst one today: a congressman. The guy was sitting there making comments on Iraq and Liberia. He used the word “occupation” twice in his comments and corrected himself immediately every time by replacing the word with “liberation.” It was very difficult for me to remain silent and keep a smile on my face, but it was worth it seeing a real right-wing congressman talking in his office, a place surrounded with his photos taken with presidents, his degrees and framed documents, and American and Israeli flags everywhere.
At the end when we were leaving the place, the interviewer asked him (not as a part of the interview but as a personal question) if he thinks the US will attack Iran or any other country in the next months or the next year. He answered “not before the re-election of President Bush. After that we definitely have more wars for you” and he laughed.
He was saying this when he was giving us combs as souvenirs with his name printed on them. He was bald, and he was trying to be funny. I think I will fully appreciate his sense of humor when in 2005 Tehran is bombarded. I can watch CNN showing the burning buildings of Tehran, and comb my hair while watching it, with this piece of plastic, that has his name on it.